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Lake Mary Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter what your personal background is, when you are under investigation or accused of a crime in Lake Mary, you need the help of an aggressive and capable attorney. Criminal cases are very complicated. Even the most “simple” of crimes, such as petit theft or possession of marijuana, can have layers upon layers of constitutional and procedural intricacies. Hiring a Lake Mary criminal defense attorney is the best way to ensure your voice is heard in court for a favorable outcome. A criminal case begins as early as the time of arrest and initial appearance with the judge. A skilled defense attorney can argue at your first appearance that probable cause did not exist at the time of arrest and potentially have you released on your own recognizance.

The job of your criminal defense attorney extends beyond speaking for you in court. An attorney examines the evidence, speaks to and deposes witnesses, and procures expert witnesses to independently examine evidence and to testify on your behalf.

Acting in your best interests, your attorney will negotiate a deal with the prosecution to reduce the charges and discuss a plea agreement to avoid trial if that’s what you want.

Ryan Yadav, a Lake Mary defense attorney, will also be honest with you. You need to know what your chances of an acquittal are, how strong the evidence is against you, and whether you are better off resolving your case via a negotiation with the prosecution at a jury trial. An informed, objective, and honest assessment will help you make the best decisions about your case and your future. The best criminal resolution or disposition is dependent on the individual. Some people cannot afford the risk of a criminal conviction due to employment; however, others (those who own their own business) can potentially have a DUI charge, for example, and maintain employment.

Lake Mary criminal defense attorneys rely on history—the outcome of similar past cases—to build your defense. The outcome of cases often depends on how the evidence is presented. Circumstantial evidence can be interpreted in many ways. A thorough criminal attorney examines all facets of the case, questions the witnesses and verifies that they have no reason to lie or withhold facts, and views any video and physical evidence with a critical eye.

Ryan will also examine the technical details of your arrest to determine whether proper procedure was followed and your rights were protected.

Hiring a local attorney for a Lake Mary criminal defense case has certain advantages. You will want an attorney who knows the players, their likes and dislikes, their personalities, etc., and how they will most likely respond to different arguments. Some judges and prosecutors are reliant on the plain facts of the individual case; others may place additional weight on past offenses or underlying motivations. An attorney armed with the appropriate knowledge can formulate the most effective argument.

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Lake Mary and need aggressive criminal defense, Ryan will work hard to ensure justice is served in your case. No matter what crime you are charged with, Ryan will present a strong defense to get the instant case or counts reduced, work out a reasonable negotiation, or even have charges dropped in total. When you’re in trouble with the law, you need an experienced attorney on your side as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to stand up for your rights.

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