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The City of Maitland is the gateway to Orlando/Orange County or the gateway to Seminole County Depending on how you look at it. Maitland is situated south of Altamonte Springs, and just north of Winter Park and Orlando city limits. Hundreds and hundreds of households call Maitland home in neighborhoods such as Domerich and Lake Sybellia. However, thousands and thousands of Central Florida residents travel through Maitland daily on both Interstate 4 and U.S. Highway 17-92. Many drivers find themselves accused of the crime of DUI by the Maitland Police Department. Maitland law enforcement officers have for years "camped out" on the Maitland Boulevard bridge over Interstate 4 looking for possible drunk drivers leaving Downtown Orlando and heading back home to their residences in Seminole County (the same holds true on the Maitland Boulevard ramp exiting north bound to 17-92). When one is arrested for DUI in Maitland you must first ask whether the Officer has the proper jurisdiction to come into contact with the driver, if not the case may be thrown out (caution the doctrine of fresh pursuit may apply). If you are arrested for DUI in the City of Maitland call Ryan for help. Many people travel through Maitland but never stop to explore what Maitland has to offer including Museums, historic homes, the RDV Sports Complex owned by the Orlando Magic, and the famous Enzian Theater. If you or a loved one resides in Maitland and have the misfortune of being arrested contact The Law Office of Ryan N. Yadav for a free consultation.

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