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When Winter Park is said beautiful brick laid streets, Spanish moss, and a charming downtown corridor come to mind; that said the City of Winter Park is much more. With two universities, Rollins College and Full Sail and ever increasing city boundaries Winter Park is one of the fastest growing areas in Central Florida. Unfortunately with the large population increase in Winter Park, residents and visitors have seen arrests on the rise as well. Often law enforcement preys on individuals leaving Winter Park’s Park Avenue after dinner or cocktails for DUI arrests. Additionally, police attempt to stop individuals travelling through Winter Park to their homes in Seminole County and elsewhere, especially on State Road 436. Most Central Floridians do not realize that Winter Park is the only township (other than a few streets in Maitland) in the area that resides both in Orange and Seminole Counties. In fact, if you are pulled over in the Winter Park area the first question one should ask is whether the law enforcement agency that made the stop is in the proper jurisdiction. Many times Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputies will travel into the City of Winter Park without the proper jurisdictional authority and vice versa.

Like anywhere else Winter Park residents and visitors are arrested or accused for a variety of criminal activity including: boating under the influence on Winter Park’s Chain of Lakes, domestic violence disputes between family members, and  possession of marijuana and other drugs just to name a few.

Winter Park is largely populated by families and any member of the family may from time to time have the need for an experienced criminal attorney. If you or a member of your family is arrested or accused of a crime in the Winter Park, Florida area, contact Ryan for a free consultation.

Winter Park is a town full of outdoor activities, museums, restaurants, bars and nightlife. If you live in Winter Park or if you are visiting Winter Park for the day be cognizant of the heavy police presence and always make sure you know your constitutional rights.

Ryan can handles some of the following crimes:

Winter Park DUI
Winter Park BUI
Drug Charges in Winter Park
Marijuana and Pot Charges in Winter Park 
Gun and Weapon Charges in Winter Park
Winter Park Domestic Violence Battery and Assault
Juvenile Delinquency Offenses in Winter Park, Florida
Violation of Probation (VOP) in Winter Park

Also, if you have been arrested in the Winter Park portions of  Orange or Seminole County and are in need of a bond hearing attorney that can help obtain a loved one's freedom from the Orange County or Seminole County Jail do not hesitate to call.


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