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Marijuana Charges

Posted December 29, 2010Information

Often I’m asked what is the most common charge I see coming through my office in Sanford.  Undoubtedly, the answer is Misdemeanor Marijuana Charges (Possession of Marijuana Less Than 20...

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Geneva, Seminole County (State v. SL, 2010)

Posted December 16, 2010Domestic Violence Case Results

The charges were dismissed after  frequent discussions with the State

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Oviedo, Seminole County – Possession Marijuana <20 grams (State v. TW, 2010)

Posted December 1, 2010Drug Charge Case Results
After negotiations with the State, the charges were dismissed

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DUI Top 10 Tips

Posted October 11, 2010Information

One of the most common questions that people ask when they first learn that I’m an attorney usually concern what to do in the event they are suspected of driving under the influence.  While...

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Violation of Probation

Posted September 9, 2010Information

I wanted to take the time to address a violation of probation (VOP), as I receive plenty of phone calls concerning VOPs from probationers and their families throughout Seminole, Orange, and Volusia...

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Jail Website

Posted August 4, 2010Information

I received a phone call yesterday from an out of state mother who was wondering if her son had been bailed out of jail after being arrested in Oviedo.  The Seminole County...

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Concealed Weapons

Posted July 26, 2010Information

I get alot of questions concerning concealed weapons, in particular when individuals from Florida with concealed weapons permits travel out of state.  Here is a good link to the Florida...

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Posted July 17, 2010Information

I ran into an old friend last night who had a lot of questions about expunging a criminal charge he got back in college.  In an ever competitive job market my friend and many others are...

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New Laws For Floridians Go Into Effect

Posted June 29, 2010News

Nearly 300 laws are going into effect on Thursday, make sure you familiarize yourself with those pertinent to you.  Here is the article courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel: ...

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Sanford Police Shooting

Posted June 17, 2010Information

Here is a fascinating article from the Orlando Sentinel concerning the Sanford Police Officer shooting that occurred 2 weeks ago where thankfully the officer survived.  It seems the...

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