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Bail Bonds

Posted February 28, 2012Information

If you, a friend, or family member have recently been arrested the first concern is to get out of  Jail. Most people don’t understand exactly how bonding one out of jail works, here are the...

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Posted February 4, 2012Information

One of the first questions I get with a new or prospective client is “What is this court date called an arraignment I have to go to”.  For people who have never been arrested before or those...

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PreTrial Diversion Contract

Posted January 16, 2012Information

Please view what a Pretrial Diversion contract actually looks like.  Remember, when an individual complies with all the terms of Pretrial Diversion the State will drop all charges against that...

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Drug Court Contract

Posted January 13, 2012Information

Individuals who are considering or think they may qualify for Drug Court in Orange, Seminole, Volusia and surrounding counties often do not know what is expected of them if they are accepted and...

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