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Reasons for Denial of Sealing and Expungement

Posted July 6, 2014Information, News

As a criminal defense practice our office deals with petitions to seal and expunge on a weekly basis. Unfortunately many criminal lawyers are not familiar with the seal and expunction statute as enforced by the rules from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and more unfortunately some lawyers may misadvise their clients at the trial level or not advise their clients at all of the long term repercussions of their plea or resolution of the respective case. 

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Magic Mushrooms

Posted June 4, 2014Information

Now that summer is upon us in Central Florida, individuals in the rural sections of our area including Geneva, Chuluota, and Osteen might find themselves charged with possession of psycadellic...

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Motion to Dismiss

Posted June 4, 2014Information

When most people come into see a Sanford Criminal Defense Lawyer they often ask, how can I get these charges dropped. There is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat; that said, a C4 Motion to...

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Child-Parent Responsibility and Juvenile Charges in Florida

Posted April 9, 2014News

Across the country, parents, children, and even entire communities have faced the very real threat of school shootings and campus violence, especially in the last few years. Gun violence often results in criminal charges, fines, and even jail time, especially in cases where students and teachers are injured or killed. But when a school shooting scenario turns out to be a hoax, initiated by one of the students, the consequences can be equally daunting, criminal defense attorneys in Sanford say, and may even extend beyond the prankster to the parents. 


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Prison Release Reoffender

Posted March 31, 2014Information

In Florida pursuant to Florida Statute 775.082 if a person has been released from prison, parole, or any other form of DOC supervision within 3 years of committing a new enumerated offense the State of Florida by and through the Office of the State Attorney in Orlando, Sanford, or Deland can file for Prison Release Reoffender (

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Understanding a Prison Score Sheet

Posted March 30, 2014Information, News

Often, when a defendant is facing a serious felony charge the first concern is what that person scores. If the person scores less than 44 points the Court does not necessarily have to sentence the Defendant to the Florida Department of Corrections “prison”, if the person scores more than 44 points prison is mandatory unless there is grounds for a downward departure.

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Sanford Travelling to Meet a Minor Arrests

Posted March 29, 2014News

Last week in Sanford, Seminole County the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrested more than 2 dozen people in yet another Internet sex sting.

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Drug Trafficking in Florida

Posted March 17, 2014Information, News


A former chemist was arrested in Florida last month after local police discovered that he had been switching out over-the-counter medicine with prescription drugs that were being held as evidence, criminal defense lawyers in Seminole County report. Joseph Graves has been charged with grand theft, tampering with evidence, and drug trafficking, in an investigation that police say could change the status of several drug convictions across the state.

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Bieber’s DUI Arrest

Posted March 14, 2014News

Teen pop singer Justin Bieber has made a number of highly publicized events since the beginning of his career as a young singer, but perhaps none of these events have been quite so closely watched as his trial, which has been rescheduled from March to May 5, 2014. Bieber, 20, is facing several charges, including driving under the influence, after his recent arrest in Miami, Florida. DUI attorneys in Sanford say that the case has been made extremely public, and highlights the consequences of driving drunk while underage. 

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Distracted Driving Risks

Posted March 10, 2014Information, News

Most people spend a good part of their day on the road, commuting to and from work, running errands, dropping off kids, or traveling on vacations, and it is always tempting to make this driving time as productive as possible. Smart phones and Bluetooth pairing devices have made it easy for us to make phone calls while on the road, or to check messages and respond to emails and texts on the go. But criminal defense lawyers in Sanford say that drivers who try to do too much on the road may be causing dangerous conditions for themselves and other drivers, and may even risk criminal charges if caught.

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