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Archive by Year: 2017

Altamonte Springs, Seminole County DUI (State v. CY, 2017)

Posted December 31, 2017DUI Case Results

After negotiating a Motion to Suppress the Evidence, the Client was able to receive a reckless driving

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Oviedo, Seminole County (State v. RO, 2017)

Posted December 21, 2017Domestic Violence Case Results

The charges were dismissed after recurrent negotiations with the State

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Winter Springs, Seminole County-Possession Marijuana <20 grams (State v. SM, 2017)

Posted December 20, 2017Drug Charge Case Results
Client received no conviction and paid court cost and a fine

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Winter Park, Seminole County (State v. KW, 2017)

Posted December 15, 2017Domestic Violence Case Results

The State declined to file charges once mitigating details of the case where presented

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Winter Park, Orange County DUI (State v. SR, 2017)

Posted December 15, 2017DUI Case Results

As a result of successful negotiations with the State, the Client pled to a Reckless Driving

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Sanford, Seminole County (State v. CM, 2017)

Posted December 14, 2017Domestic Violence Case Results

As a result of conscientiously working the case and presenting evidence on behalf of Client, the State did not file charges against the Client

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Lake Mary, Seminole County – Possession Marijuana <20 grams (State v. AR, 2017)

Posted December 13, 2017Drug Charge Case Results
Counsel was able to obtain entry into the pretrial diversion program for the Client and after completion of the program the charges were dismissed

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Orlando, Orange County DUI (State v. HP, 2017)

Posted December 13, 2017DUI Case Results

Charge was reduced to reckless driving with no conviction

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Sanford, Seminole County (State v. DD, 2017)

Posted December 11, 2017Domestic Violence Case Results

Counsel was able to present mitigating information to State to prevent them from filing charges against Client

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Casselberry, Seminole County DUI (State v. JM, 2017)

Posted December 10, 2017DUI Case Results

Client found NOT GUILTY by a jury of her peers

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