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Case:  State of Florida vs. XX, Seminole County, Sanford, Florida
Judge:  The Honorable John L. Woodard
Charges:  Driving Under the Influence
Arresting Agency:  Seminole County Sheriff's Office
Facts:  XX was driving through the entrance of his gated housing development when a Sheriff's Deputy observed an alleged expired tag. The Deputy observed no other signs of impairment i.e. irregular traffic pattern. Following the stop the Deputy claimed to find the "usual" bloodshot eyes, odor of alcohol, slurred speech etc...XX was eventually arrested for DUI and later refused to submit to a breathalyzer test at the Jail.
Defense:  Knowing that the State had little evidence to prove the client was DUI beyond a reasonable doubt Ryan aggressively set the case for trial and did not waive MR's speedy trial right. The assistant state attorney agreed with Ryan and offered MR a reduced charge of reckless driving.
Result:  DUI charge reduced to reckless driving.