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Ucf Dui Reduced To Careless Driving

Case:  State of Florida vs. XX, Orange County, Orlando, Florida
Judge:  The Honorable Jeanette Bigney
Charges:  Driving Under the Influence
Arresting Agency:  Orange County
Facts:  XX was driving from the UCF area on University Avenue at 11 p.m. when his motor vehicle was stopped for allegedly swerving multiple times. Upon contact with law enforcement XX was asked to perform field sobriety tasks based on the officer's perceived odor of alcohol. JP refused and later refused a breath test at the jail.
Defense:  All of the events including XX's driving pattern were captured on dash cam video. XX's driving was not bad at all especially when evidence revealed the area was under heavy construction. Further, XX did not look intoxicated on the video and supplied litttle evidence to the State. Ryan set the case for trial and called the State's bluff; as a result an offer of Civil careless driving was taken by the client.
Result:  DUI reduced to civil traffic infraction