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Sanford DUI Lawyer

Unlike most lawyers who practice DUI in Seminole County, Florida, Ryan is a "bona fide" Sanford DUI lawyer. Although Seminole County is geographically close to Orlando if you have been charged or arrested in Longwood, Altamonte, Lake Mary, Oviedo, Winter Springs, or Sanford it is of the utmost importance that your hire a Seminole County DUI lawyer to represent you or a loved one in your case. The law is the same (for the most part) no matter what county you are in when it comes to the offense of driving under the influence, that said, the judges, prosecutors, and hearing officers that have a more than important impact on one's case don't go from county to county. Hiring a Sanford DUI attorney ensures that your arrest in Seminole County is handled by a local Sanford DUI lawyer that is not only familiar with Sanford/Seminole County DUI law but the individuals that plea bargain, and ultimately decide your DUI case. If you are charged with DUI in Seminole County you have 10 days from the date of the Seminole County DUI arrest to either waive or request a formal review hearing with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. A Sanford DUI lawyer knows the protocol you must follow with the Bureau of Administrative Review located in Winter Springs, Florida. In some cases it is in the client's best interest to waive the formal review hearing, allowing for an immediate opportunity to have a hardship or business purposes only license, otherwise the person may have to wait 30 to 90 days to have a hardship or business purposes only license. After the DMV hearing the Seminole County DUI truly begins. That is when motions are filed and argued and negotiations begin with the Office of the State Attorney in Seminole County. If a negotiated deal is not reached with Office of the State Attorney located in Sanford, than the only thing left to do is have a jury trial. You guessed it, that jury would be comprised of Seminole County residents only, who often look down on having an outside lawyer from Orlando or Tampa present a case. For all of the reasons above it is clear that if you or a loved one is charged with DUI in Seminole County or Sanford a Sanford DUI lawyer is a must. 


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