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Seminole County Criminal Defense

About Ryan

Sanford Criminal Defense Attorney

Ryan was born and raised in Central Florida. After law school, Ryan began practicing law in his hometown to protect the rights of the family, friends, and local community that shaped him into the person he is today. Unlike most private criminal defense lawyers, Ryan chose never to work for the State Attorney’s Office; rather, he has defended the accused throughout his entire career, not prosecute them. Ryan is the President of the Seminole County Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association and is the former President of the Seminole County Bar Association, elected in 2022.

He is not afraid to “take your case all the way,” as he arguably has tried more cases to verdict than any other private practitioner in the area over the past several years.

Sanford Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ryan Yadav

Ryan Yadav

Being accused of a crime is often one of the scariest moments of a person’s life; Ryan will fight to protect your reputation, livelihood, and freedom.

Being charged with a crime can be an intense and terrifying experience. Do you feel like everything changed in a moment? While today may feel like one of your darkest days, it does not define you or your future.

The consequences of an arrest can leave you with harsh penalties and a lifetime stigma attached to your good name. As a Central Florida native, President of the Seminole County Criminal Defense Attorneys Association, and former President of the Seminole County Bar Association, Criminal Defense Attorney Ryan Yadav has spent his entire career fighting for and protecting the constitutional rights of people accused of crimes in Seminole County.

It is my mission

to zealously fight for your constitutional rights when you are arrested and accused of a crime.
- Ryan Yadav
Hundreds of cases dismissed, dropped, or resolved by Not Guilty Verdicts.
Ryan Yadav

Experienced Seminole County

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged by the Government, Ryan and his team will thoughtfully and aggressively work to defend your rights.

Client Reviews

There is no word I can think of to express my deepest gratitude that we were fortunate enough to come across Ryan Yadav, the very best attorney we have ever known, with outstanding knowledge of the law. He immediately puts one at ease and truly cares about his clients and their families. He treated us with kindness when we needed it most. If you ever need a lawyer, he is THE VERY BEST you could ever hope for. His paralegal, Kiana, is a treasure.

Bee H.

Aggressive and Honest

I had never hoped to ever need a criminal attorney, but when I did, I am so thankful for Ryan Yadav. He was honest from the start and everything he said would happen did. He never promised anything he could not accomplish. He gave awesome advice that ultimately led to pretrial diversion instead of probation or other sentencing. If you need an amazing criminal attorney: don’t call Saul, you better call Ryan!



Mr. Yadav is not afraid to take on complicated cases and will go to trial without reservation or hesitation. A formidable attorney that the opposition takes notice of quickly. Very skilled in the courtroom. His courtroom demeanor is excellent and would hope that he would one day run for a judgeship. He would be an asset to the bench and as a public servant. Honest and responds to your communications on a timely basis. I recommend this attorney without reservation.


Ryan is an AWESOME lawyer. He helped me through a very scary experience in my life & made sure my family and I were comfortable the whole time. Every time we went to court the judge would tell Ryan “awesome presentation.” I’ll be staying out of trouble so I won’t need his services again BUT if you’re ever in need of a lawyer, Ryan is the best choice, hands down.


Attorney Ryan Y. was a great help for what I needed done! Not only is he very professional, he’s courteous and kind. You can tell from the minute you meet him that he knows exactly what he’s doing! Ryan listens well and explains everything so you can understand. I definitely will use him again if needed. And most definitely will refer him to anyone that needs an outstanding Attorney!


Ryan was amazing! He was always attentive not only him but his assistant Kiana, super friendly and professional! He was responsive and even if he couldn’t answer the phone he’d get back to you super quickly. Very informative you can definitely knows what he’s doing, which was comforting given the circumstances! Would recommend to anyone in need!


Ryan Yadav is an excellent lawyer he not only handles your case he walks you through the whole process and is there every step of the way. Ryan along with his amazing, competent, and compassionate paralegal Kiana make up a team you want on your side. Especially when dealing with difficult, daunting, and overwhelming legal issues.


Ryan was referred to me by one of my good friends and he did not disappoint!! Extremely professional and efficient. My case was kind of icky and he helped me sooo much. I’m grateful for the work he has done for me. Ryan was great with continuously keeping me in the loop with what was going on during the entire process. He was always just a phone call away whenever I had any questions.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, times a million!!!


Ryan is a phenomenal attorney. He is extremely proficient as well as down-to-earth. You are most certainly in good hands with him working for you.


He stood fast and firm in my behalf when the Prosecutor wanted to lock me up and throw away the key. He kept me informed with the details of my case and the course of action. He is cool and down to earth! Thanks, Attorney Yadav… Rock!


I had two cases that were a month apart. I am very very pleased with the outcome of my cases. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer! He is the best and amazing at what he does.


I have used Ryan on multiple occasions he is very personable very knowledgeable he maintains a great line of communication and will answer any and all concerns. If you’re looking for someone who is going to take care of your case you have found the right guy.


Mr. Yadav is a wonderful defense attorney! He is honest and will do what is best for his client. I wore an ankle monitor for almost a year without being convicted or taking probation and Mr. Yadav took my case all the way to the jury and with great skill and knowledge I was acquitted of all charges. He is responsive to his clients and gives his time without complaint. I would highly recommend Ryan to handle any criminal matters you may find yourself in. Thank you, Ryan!! 🙂


Mr. Yadav helped myself and my family in one of our darkest hours. With his help and prowess I was able to have all charges dropped. Without him I would have lost my job, my family and my reputation I’ve worked my whole life to upkeep. Thank you Mr. Yadav from the bottom of my heart. 

Jim M.

I really appreciated the honesty that Ryan provided me. He told me how it was instead of how i wanted it to be. He also negotiated a deal that was for a first offender. I was more like a 10 time offender. His rates were reasonable and they were well worth it. He knows the courtroom and all the people in it. He is a little pushy in the courtroom but they let him be. He doesn’t take sh*t from the state and gets the plea deal to swing in the favor of the defendant with ease. Pretty damn good.

Jake A.

Mr. Yadav is very honest and straight forward, very refreshing compared to other lawyers I have met along the way. With his help a jury found me Not Guilty, I was facing jail, losing my job, and losing the right to see my child if it did not go my way. An amazing lawyer and human being. 


Not Guilty


Ryan believes results matter, not words. Although Ryan always looks to resolve a case short of trial, if need be, Ryan is not afraid to “go to the mat” for you. Over the years, Ryan has probably conducted more jury trials than any other private practitioner in Seminole County. If the Government is not willing to resolve your case in a reasonable manner, Ryan can artfully and skillfully take your case all the way and has the record to back it up. 

State v. XX Seminole County, Sanford


Not Guilty

State v. XX Lake County, Tavares


Not Guilty

State v. XX Orange County, Orlando


Not Guilty

State of Florida vs. XX, Seminole County, Sanford, Florida


Not Guilty Verdict. Charges dismissed.

State of Florida vs. XX, Seminole County, Sanford, Florida

Obscene Phone Call

Not Guilty

State of Florida vs. XX, Seminole County, Sanford, Florida

Domestic Violence Battery

Not Guilty

State of Florida vs. XX, Seminole County, Sanford, Florida

Domestic Violence Assault

Not Guilty

State of Florida vs. XX, Seminole County, Sanford, Florida

Driving Under the Influence

Judgment of Acquittal; DUI dismissed in total

State of Florida vs. XX, Seminole County, Sanford, Florida

Driving Under the Influence

Not Guilty