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Facing criminal charges, or being involved in a criminal investigation, is a traumatic and stressful ordeal, which could have serious repercussions for your future, regardless of how the verdict is returned. A criminal conviction could reduce employment opportunities, and could destroy your reputation, your standard of living, your finances, and your relationships.

Criminal cases are complex, and should be handled by a lawyer who is familiar with criminal procedures and the local legal community. To protect yourself and your future, you need to enlist the services of Ryan N. Yadav, a leading Sanford criminal defense lawyer, who will help you successfully navigate the pre-trial interrogations, police investigations, and the court room, and work hard to get your charges dismissed or reduced whenever possible.

If you have been arrested for the first time, you may not know what to expect, or how best to handle your situation. Often, law enforcement officials will take advantage of your fear, inexperience, and nervousness, using techniques and tricks that are purposefully designed to incriminate you, even if you are innocent. Having a lawyer present can severely restrict an investigating officer’s ability to use these tricks. With the help of a Sanford criminal defense lawyer, you can also ensure that your legal rights are protected, and retain a guide through an unfamiliar and often frightening experience.

Protect Your Rights

There is a wide variety of illegal criminal activities as defined by Florida’s laws, and engaging in, or being suspected of, any one of them, or a combination, could lead to serious legal trouble. From the minute you are charged, or become involved in an investigation, you have rights that need to be protected, and only the help of a Sanford criminal defense lawyer can keep you from accidentally implicating yourself, or signing away your rights to silence, representation, or any other right you have during a criminal trial.

When you are first charged and arrested, you will have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. You do not need to make a statement, or provide an alibi or excuse, or own up to anything until after you have spoken to a lawyer and gone over all the angles and options available to you. If the arresting officer tries to trick you into making a confession, or fails to read you your Miranda rights, you may be able to have your case dismissed due to police misconduct. There are a number of ways your case could be jeopardized or compromised, and it starts with the protection of your rights.

Contact Your Lawyer

Ryan Yadav represents residents in Sanford, Seminole County, and the surrounding areas who have been charged with criminal activity, and are facing court. Ryan is committed to ensuring that you receive a fair trial, and he will aggressively defend your case by investigating all legal theories and possible defenses, in order to best protect your constitutional rights. If you or someone you care about has been charged with or investigated for the following crimes, our Sanford criminal defense lawyers can help.