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In many instances, domestic violence and battery crimes are not black and white, but have many shades of gray that complicate legal trials and investigations. If you are arrested in Orange, Seminole, or Volusia County, for any domestic violence crimes, your first step should be to contact Ryan N. Yadav, an experienced Sanford domestic violence attorney, immediately following the incident or arrest. He will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal proceedings. With a capable attorney at your side, the proper pressure can be placed on prosecutors to drop any charges that have no legal basis, or are irrelevant to the situation at hand.

When one is accused of domestic violence related crimes, oppressive steps may be taken by law enforcement officials and government services before the case even goes to trial. Accused persons may be required to limit contact with their alleged victims, or abruptly move from their primary residence, lose contact with their minor children, or have to wear an EMPACT GPS monitoring device to have their locations tracked.

All of these steps can be set in place even before you have your day in court, or your chance to defend yourself, and without the help of a Sanford domestic violence attorney, you may be helpless to stop them from happening. A skilled local attorney can petition the judge to drop some, if not all, of the above conditions, while you fight your charges.

Domestic Violence Battery Charges

To prove domestic violence battery, as is the case with all battery charges, the State Attorney’s Office must show that an offender perpetrated harmful bodily contact with intent. Without evidence of said intent, or contact, the State should not go forward with a charge of domestic violence battery.

In addition, soon after a person is arrested for domestic violence battery, a Domestic Violence Injunction may follow. These injunctions are civil actions, not criminal; however, if the injunction becomes permanent, or goes to a hearing, you may suffer possible negative effects throughout your criminal trial.

If you have been arrested for domestic violence battery, our office will investigate the following list, which may lead to charges being dropped or dismissed by the prosecution:

  • Can the State produce the alleged victim at trial?
  • Were there any witnesses to the alleged crime?
  • Is there any real or tangible evidence that suggests an incident of battery occurred?
  • Is there evidence that suggests the alleged victim was being less than truthful?
  • Was the alleged victim intoxicated at the time of the alleged offense?

Sadly, in some instances, people use the criminal justice system to serve ulterior motives, leaving innocent citizens in Seminole Orange, Volusia, and the surrounding counties to be investigated and charged with criminal activities. If this is the case, Ryan Yadav will zealously fight for your innocence, even if it means taking your case to jury trial.

If you have been charged, accused, or investigated for domestic violence battery, contact Sanford criminal defense attorney Ryan N. Yadav today, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to discuss your case and your options.