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MDMA often referred to as its street name, “Molly” or “Ecstasy” is known as a “party drug” that is often used at house parties, clubs, and within rave culture for its euphoric effect on the body.  MDMA use had been on the decline for years; however, recently with purer forms of the drug reaching the street popularity has increased ten-fold; and law enforcement is on the drug’s trail.

Many times under cover law enforcement will attend clubs and rave parties in an attempt to have the drug sold to them. Sometimes, law enforcement will boldly set up an undercover drug buy via the use of a confidential informant.

If you are being charged with possession or sale of MDMA, “Molly”, or “Ecstasy” traditional drug defenses are available including the filing of a motion to suppress based on law enforcements unconstitutional search and seizure of one’s person. Also, the State of Florida must prove the you either actually possessed the MDMA or if you constructively possessed the MDMA; the State must prove that (1) the person knows the Molly is within their presence, (2) has the ability to maintain control over the Molly and (3) knows the illegal nature of the Molly.

Recently new drugs that are similar to MDMA have hit the street brought in from China and home labs in the United States. Law enforcement has increasingly had difficulty with identifying what these drugs are including, Methylone, and if the drug is even illegal per statute. The State must always prove if the drug is illegal, per FDLE laboratory results.

If you, a friend, or family member have been charged with possession of MDMA, “Molly”, or “Ecstasy” call Seminole County Criminal Lawyer, Ryan N. Yadav.