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At the Law Office of Ryan N. Yadav, LLC, we understand that everyone makes mistakes, especially when you are out, having a good time with some friends, food, and drink. But when you are caught driving home from a night on the town, after a few too many drinks, you may be facing drunk driving charges, which have serious and life-altering consequences. In Florida, a first-time drunk driving conviction could carry a six-month jail sentence, as well as the possibility of increased insurance premiums, and a temporary license suspension.

In order to combat a drunk driving charge, you need the help of Ryan Yadav, a Sanford DUI lawyer with plenty of experience in defending DUI charges in court, and combating suspended licenses and other driving restrictions that may take effect as soon as you are charged and arrested.

Please remember—if you are pulled over because a police officer suspects you have been drinking and driving under the influence, the officer is not there to help you, he or she is there to prove your inebriation and arrest you. If you believe you may have had too much to drink, or have been driving suspiciously, do not provide additional evidence that could harm your best interest. Request to speak to a Sanford DUI lawyer immediately.

Time is a precious commodity if you have been charged with driving while drunk or under the influence of other drugs. You only have ten days from the time of your arrest to appeal your case with the DMV, before your license is suspended, and you are no longer able to drive. A skilled Sanford DUI lawyer can help you appeal your suspension and request a temporary hardship license, which will allow you to drive legally while your case is pending trial.

By keeping up-to-date on the ever-changing DUI/DWI laws and legal strategies in the state, Ryan Yadav is able to offer drivers in Sanford and the surrounding areas a cutting-edge defense for your DUI charges, and he will work tirelessly to force the prosecution to back up their claims of an inebriation charge with hard evidence, shredding any points of doubt or uncertainty.

License suspension can keep you off the roads, away from work and weekend activities, while your case is being decided. If you are convicted of driving under the influence, this suspension could be compounded with an imposed curfew, heavy fines, or even lengthy restrictions on driving at all. You may also face a jump in insurance costs when you are able to drive again. Making the most of your day in court is important to protect your rights and keep yourself from losing independence and freedom.

If you are charged with drunk driving in Florida, Ryan will fight aggressively to help you keep your driving privileges, and will determine the best option available for your individual situation. Contact Ryan N. Yadav today for a free, no-strings consultation with a Sanford DUI lawyer.