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Chapter 893 Suspension


If you are convicted or “adjudicated guilty” of a drug possession charge in Florida you will face potential jail, prison, and almost certainly some form of probation. Drug possession probation also will usually bring community service hours, fines, court costs, and often times pricey mandatory counseling. That said, what most people do not realize when they leave the courthouse the day of a drug conviction is not what happened in the courtroom but what is on its way in the mail. Under Chapter 893 of the Florida Statutes if a person is convicted of a drug charge including marijuana (misdemeanor or felony), cocaine, LSD, MDMA “Molly”, mushrooms, etc…the State directs the DHSMV to proceed with suspension. Most judges and state prosecutors do not address the license suspension in or out of court, as a result if an individual’s lawyer does not tell them they do not realize what is about to happen. If you have been charged with a drug possession crime you need to hire a lawyer that can avoid a conviction on your record via negotiation or through motion and trial work. Many times, especially in dealing with a possession of marijuana charge a conviction can be avoided during negotiations as simply as asking for an increased fine or community service. This aspect of Florida State law makes little sense, most times drug possession has nothing to do with driving, put simply if someone is caught with a “joint” at a concert they have the potential of losing their right to drive, constricting their movement, and potentially losing their job as they do not have the ability to get to work.

If you are charged with a drug possession charge including marijuana, cocaine, oxycodone, and other controlled substances contact Seminole County Lawyer Ryan Yadav for a consultation.