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Posted December 29, 2010Information

Often I’m asked what is the most common charge I see coming through my office in Sanford.  Undoubtedly, the answer is Misdemeanor Marijuana Charges (Possession of Marijuana Less Than 20 Grams).  Most individuals do not realize the severe drug laws in Florida, especially for Pot.  If you are convicted of the charge not only are you subject to jail time of up to 1 year, a $1,000 fine, and the stigma of having a drug crime on your record, your Driver’s License will also be suspended for 2 years!

However, if you contact and retain a local attorney many of the above consequences may  be avoided.  Not only can I investigate and look into the constitutionality of the search of your person, home, or vehicle,  and file the appropriate motions to have the charge thrown out, I can also request Pre-Trial Diversion for certain individuals.  Pre-Trial Diversion is often a good choice for Defendants  who have no prior criminal history (If a person completes the program, which usually requires educational classes and community service, the State Attorney’s Office will fill a No-Information, dropping the charges without any further criminal prosecution and keeping your record clean).  If you are charged with marijuana possession contact my office for further Information on how I can help.

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