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Sanford Travelling to Meet a Minor Arrests


Last week in Sanford, Seminole County the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrested more than 2 dozen people in yet another Internet sex sting. Over the past 2 years in counties through Central Florida including, Seminole, Lake, and Osceola, law enforcement have been engaging in undercover operations to lure un-expecting and at times possible innocent people to allegedly have sex with an underage person. With the most recent Sex Crime Operation commonly referred to by Seminole County Attorney’s as “Travelling to Meet a Minor” the Seminole County Sheriff’s office went to online websites including Craigslist and Facebook where Sex Crime officers either posted a clandestine ad or contacted individuals who had advertisements already posted. Obviously, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office uses an “of age” officer to conduct any follow up phone calls or meetings after the initial contact. Seminole County Sex Crime Lawyer and Sanford Sex Crime Lawyers have seen a large increase in Travelling to Meet a Minor type arrests recently. Any good Sex Crime Defense Lawyer will first attempt to attack this type of crime with a defense of entrapment. Entrapment is a tricky affirmative defense and not only requires that (1) law enforcement creates the crime but (2) the person would not have been likely to commit the crime regardless of law enforcement’s fabrication. Travelling to Meet a Minor cases are very very serious. Not only are individuals who are charged with the offense of this most recent Sanford Travelling to Meet a Minor sting looking at mandatory prison time they will also be looking at life time Sex Offender Status.

If you or someone you know have been charged with a crime arising from a law enforcement Sex Sting or Travelling to Meet a Minor Sex Sting, contact Sanford and Lake Mary Sex Crime Lawyer, Ryan Yadav.