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Veterans Court


A diversionary program that many individuals who are charged with a crime may not know about in Central Florida is Veterans Court. Currently Seminole and Orange Counties have debuted versions of veterans court in the past year and a half, Volusia County is poised to start their own veterans court. Criminal defendants who happen to be veterans that are charged with non-driving related misdemeanors (non-driving meaning no DUI’s or DWLS charges) and low level 3rd degree felonies may be eligible for Veteran’s Court, a program that upon successful completion allows for all charges to be dropped. In Seminole County, Judge John L. Woodard presides over Veteran’s Court and in Orange County Judge Jerry Brewer. When your charge is pending and you are a veteran your lawyer may request the Office of the State Attorney to screen your case for admission into Veteran’s Court, if the State agrees and the veteran is amenable, the case will be taken off the docket to allow successful completion of the program. Once in the Veterans Court, each individual will have a program tailored for their individual needs including substance abuse treatment and other probationary like consequences. The Veterans Court also works in affiliation with the VA and other veterans groups to assist individuals for services they may not know are available. If you are a veteran and have been arrested in Seminole or Orange County, Veterans Court may be a great resolution for your misdemeanor and possible felony case.

Contact Ryan N. Yadav if you are a veteran and have been arrested in Orange, Seminole and Volusia Counties.