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Dui Reduced To Careless Driving

Case:  State of Florida vs. XX, Seminole County, Lake Mary, Florida
Judge:  The Honorable Debra Krause
Charges:  Driving Under the Influence
Arresting Agency:  Florida Highway Patrol
Facts:  XX drove into a vehicle at a red light exiting Interstate 4. XX waited more than an hour for law enforcement to arrive. Once FHP arrived on scene troopers began a DUI investigation. The Defendant appeared groggy on video; however not impaired. At the jail, the Defendant blew under the legal limit but weeks later his urine came back positive for Alprazolam. After months of pre-trial motions, depositions, and setting the case for trial Ryan was able to negotiate a reduced charged for his client.
Defense:  Pre-Trial negotiations
Result:  Reduced to careless driving