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Sanford Man Recieves Probation After Shooting A Man Eight Times And Being Charged With Attempted Murder

Case:  State of Florida vs. XX, Seminole County, Sanford, Florida
Judge:  The Honorable Kenneth Lester
Charges:  Aggravated Battery Reclassified
Arresting Agency:  Sanford Police Department
Facts:  XX was originally charged with attempted murder for a self-defense/stand your ground case. XX was “hanging out” with friends in an apartment complex parking lot when XX was struck in the face with a pistol. XX believed he was then shot at, there was conflicting evidence as to if XX was shot at. XX fired at the alleged victim, shooting him several times, but not killing the victim.
Defense:  Ryan worked the case for more than 2 years. Several Motions were filed and more than 30 depositions were conducted. The case was preparing to be tried when the State made an offer that XX was amenable to; rather, than risking minimum mandatory prison.
Result:  XX was sentenced to community control/probation