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People are arrested and charged with crimes in Altamonte Springs every day. Having charges pending against you can be a large burden to carry, especially when you know very little about what type of punishment you are facing. If you are arrested in Seminole County, hiring an Altamonte Springs criminal defense lawyer is a wise decision. A local lawyer brings personal knowledge of the Seminole County justice system along with Florida’s many laws and statutes.

When you’re accused of a crime in Altamonte, the prosecuting attorney’s job is to either take the case to court or offer you a deal. Depending on the severity of the crime committed, your offer may include probation, a diversion program, or jail time. Since the courts are overburdened, part of the prosecuting attorney’s job in Seminole County is to save the state as much money as possible. One efficient way to achieve this is to avoid a full-blown court case through probation or a diversion program. If the crime is petty and there is little evidence, a good attorney may be able to get them to dismiss the charges. In order for you to protect your rights in a criminal defense case, you need an aggressive lawyer willing to go to court if necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.

Often, criminal defendants accept plea bargains that are harsher than necessary or agree to serve long jail sentences. Any defendant may suffer from intimidation or coercion. Without professional help from a qualified Altamonte Springs criminal defense attorney, you’re on your own in the justice system.

Protecting a client’s freedom is most important. An experienced lawyer will challenge the prosecution to prove its case and do all things possible to reduce or eliminate one’s sentence.

Hiring a local Seminole County lawyer such as Ryan Yadav offers distinct advantages. Ryan has an established reputation and relationship with other lawyers, state attorneys, and judges. While this doesn’t directly help your case, a good working relationship with all parties can make your case go smoother and help ensure that all pieces fall into place.

With every case, there is a crime scene, an arresting officer, and usually witnesses. Your Altamonte Springs criminal defense lawyer will personally speak with each witness to get to the truth. Things are not always as they appear, especially in a criminal case. Crime scenes can be tampered with, and even police officers are easily capable of making mistakes. Ryan will examine evidence and testimony with a critical eye to help prove your innocence.

Stand up for your rights! Don’t let the prosecution push you into an unfair deal. Hire a dedicated lawyer, and let the professionals deal with the prosecution. Your freedom is what’s most important, and our work comes down to one thing—ensuring your satisfaction in the job that is done for you.

Contact, Ryan Yadav, Altamonte Springs criminal attorney, for your free consultation.