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Longwood can be described as the “heart of Seminole County” stretching from U.S. Hwy. 17-92 past Markham Woods Road and into the Wekiva area. Longwood is one of the oldest areas of the county. Although Florida Pioneers began arriving in the area prior to the Civil War, Longwood, named after a suburb of Boston where early settlers were from, was not established until the 1870’s. 

Longwood’s largest attraction was the famous “Senator” a 3,000 year old cypress that was one of the largest tree’s in the continental United States. Ancient Calusa Indians used the tree as a landmark, several presidents visited the tree, and the “Senator” was considered one of Florida’s first tourist attractions. Tragically, in 2012 the tree was burned down by a possible vandal, her case is pending.

Recently law enforcement in Seminole County has targeted the Longwood area for serious drug trafficking conspiracies. The City and County Investigative Bureau (CCIB) has taken down several multi person (more than 40) conspiracies in recent years. Some individuals have been exonerated as the State often times casts wide nets around people that may be nothing more than a person struggling with addiction. Ryan has handled several of these conspiracy cases and has reached positive results for his clients avoiding Draconian minimum mandatory sentences, please note all cases are different and no lawyer can guarantee any result.

The city of Longwood also sees its share of DUI cases. Statistics have shown Longwood and the City of Altamonte lead Seminole County in DUI arrests. Longwood cops heavily patrol 17-92 and look for patrons leaving historic establishments such as: The Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club, Victorio’s Oyster Bar (The Old Suzanne’s), The Post Time Lounge, and Casselberry’s. If you are arrested for DUI in Longwood don’t hesitate to call our office, Ryan is an experienced Longwood DUI lawyer.

Ryan has represented people in Longwood for almost every type of crime including: Drug Crimes, DUI, Domestic Violence Battery, and Gun Crimes. Ryan has represented people in almost every portion of Longwood including: areas of Markham Woods Road, Historic Longwood, Streets off Church Avenue in Longwood, the “Candy Land Park” area, Wekiva, and Lake Brantley. 

For clients who have criminal legal matters in Longwood, Seminole County our office is no more than fifteen minutes away on Lake Mary Boulevard. Some clients have difficulty travelling, if that’s the case Ryan can make home visits to his clients in Longwood, Sanford, Altamonte and elsewhere.