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Being charged or under investigation of a crime in Longwood can be a traumatic and potentially life-altering experience without proper representation. When you face criminal prosecution for any reason, uncertainty can bring tremendous stress. Consulting with an attorney at a Longwood criminal defense law firm can set your mind at ease.

A competent attorney will explain your charges and what punishment you may face. Your attorney will also discuss your options and build a defense that puts your side of the story in the best possible light. Charges are often made on flimsy evidence or accusations that can easily be explained and denied, or on unreliable and often times dishonest testimony from witnesses. Ryan Yadav, a Longwood defense lawyer, follows the evidence to build your defense step-by-step, from interviewing witnesses to examining each critical piece of evidence and filing the appropriate motion.

The sole mission of our law firm is to present your case to the prosecutor, the judge, and a potential jury in the most favorable fashion possible; to find holes in the prosecution’s case, as well as procedural and constitutional errors that may exonerate you; and to expose misleading evidence.

Criminal charges in Longwood, Florida, can range from fairly minor offenses such as shoplifting to major offenses including armed robbery or homicide. It’s important to understand that every charge is a black mark on your record and deserves competent and aggressive defense.

What you can expect

Every case is unique. The outcome of your case depends on a number of variables, including the strength of the prosecution’s evidence and the strength of your individual theory of defense. Well before a potential criminal jury trial begins, Ryan will file motions to have illegally obtained evidence excluded and will present evidence to the prosecution. At times, the presiding judge may reduce your charges or drop all criminal charges in total.

When you hire an attorney from our Longwood criminal defense law firm, we’ll work hard to build a solid, reasonable legal defense. We’ll interview witnesses, examine evidence, and find weak spots in the prosecution’s case. Your future may depend on the outcome of the case, and it’s our job to see you through the entire process and find an acceptable resolution.

Predicting the outcome

An unfavorable outcome in a criminal case could affect every area of your life. A guilty verdict can impact employment, damage your reputation, and make your neighbors, friends, and family distrustful of you. It is difficult to recover economically and personally even if you’re not guilty of the crime you’re charged with.

No lawyer can guarantee that your charges will be dropped or can predict the outcome of a criminal case. There are too many unpredictable variables. An aggressive and honest attorney who is familiar with case law and the local court system offers you the best chance of mounting a reasonable defense.

Protect your rights. Contact our Longwood criminal defense law firm immediately if you’re under investigation. We’ll help you manage your reputation as we manage your case, make sure your story is told, and explore every available option. We won’t allow you to be intimidated by the prosecution or bullied or into a poor plea agreement.