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Navigating the Florida court system and the endless interrogations, searches, and questions that come with a criminal investigation can be terrifying, especially with the threat of a criminal conviction and record hanging over your head. At the Law Offices of Ryan N. Yadav, LLC, we know how stressful this process can be, and we want to make the process as painless as possible. With the help of Ryan Yadav, an experienced Seminole county criminal defense lawyer, you can protect your reputation, and obtain the best possible defense for your situation.

Take Immediate Action

To ensure that your case is handled correctly every step of the way, you need to immediately contact a Seminole County criminal defense lawyer to represent you, preferably one who has experience in the area’s courts and in dealing with the local law enforcement officials.

Between your arrest and the time when charges are formally filed against you, you have a brief window of time in which you can take steps to mitigate the repercussions, both before and during trial. In this timeframe, it is imperative to retain the services of a Seminole County criminal defense lawyer, so that he can begin working on your case. In cases that Ryan Yadav handles, his first step in the action plan is to try and have the charges against you dropped, or reduced, to improve your chances in court. If changes to your charges can be made before the State Attorney files formal charges, you are in good shape.

Often, a decision about charging a personal with criminal activity can be influenced by the evidence and facts you provide to your lawyer. Ryan Yadav can take your side of the story and present it in the best way to downplay criminal activity, and boost your chances of a reduced or eliminated criminal record. Obtaining legal representation as soon as you have been charged or investigated will help you explore all your options, and determine how best to avoid a life-long criminal record following you around.

Ryan Yadav can guide you through the entire process of your criminal trial, from start to finish. He is experienced in cases involving all number of crimes in the Florida area, and can navigate the administrative processes, driver’s license revocation hearings, criminal record sealing and expungement process, probationary periods and violations, and pre-trial hearings.

Area Resources

Seminole County is home to two courthouses—the old civil courthouse downtown, and the new Criminal Justice Center, both located in Sanford, Seminole County’s largest city. It helps to have an attorney who is familiar with both locations, and who can easily interpret local laws and court requirements. The closer your attorney is to you, the better he can defend you at any hour of the day or night.

As a leading Seminole County criminal defense lawyer, Ryan N. Yadav represents clients in Seminole County and the surrounding areas who have been charged with criminal activity, or have been involved in a criminal investigation. If you are facing criminal charges, or have been suspected of any illegal actions, contact Ryan Yadav for a free, no-strings consultation today.