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For some crimes, simply being accused can destroy your life as you know it. Sex crimes often fall into this category, especially when there’s a child or minor involved. Convicted sex offenders face a lifetime of issues that range from where they can live to whether they’ll be able to find a job. The social stigma that arises from media coverage alone can make it nearly impossible to live, even if you’re innocent. It is recommended that you consult with a Seminole County sex crimes attorney to fight for your reputation and protect your rights.

Seminole County prosecutors tend to be harsh and unyielding, especially when you are accused of a sex crime. The state will do everything in their power to gain a conviction. They will investigate your entire life, looking for anything to use against you in court. They’ll talk to your friends, your family, your neighbors, and your coworkers. If they successfully prosecute you and you are convicted, you may be required to register as a sex offender no matter where you reside in the United States for the duration of your life.

If you are arrested for a sex crime in Seminole County or Sanford, you may face sex offender conditions even if you are not convicted. More often than not, the Office of the State Attorney will attempt to have the individual tarnished with sex offender status forever. Some sex offender conditions include a mandatory curfew; a driving log; prohibition on most places where you can live; prohibitions on dressing up as a clown, Santa, and the Easter Bunny; large fines; HIV testing; and no contact with minor children (even in your own family). Also, a sex offender conviction works as labeling you a convicted felon.

If you’re being investigated for a sexually motivated crime or sexually related crime in Seminole County, you need an experienced attorney who will put forth more effort than the state into finding evidence of your innocence as compared to the prosecutor’s burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. You need someone who will fight for your reputation and your rights, someone who will find the truth and the reasons why you were arrested or are under investigation. All too often, crimes that are sexual in nature stem from governmental overreaching and entrapment.

In these cases, circumstances are often misconstrued or exaggerated. Sometimes the evidence points to the wrong conclusion and an innocent person is accused. Even witnesses can be mistaken. Ryan is willing to look deeper than the surface evidence and find the evidence that will result in a reduced charge or even in dropped charges. Ryan is a Seminole County sex crimes attorney who cares about the outcome of your case.

The sentence you face depends on the severity of the crime you’re accused of. Sex crimes include rape and statutory rape, child molestation, sexual assault, child pornography, and other charges. Some charges, including prostitution, are considered misdemeanors in Florida.

Depending on the type of crime you’re convicted of, you might be facing life in prison, enormous fines (starting at $50,000), and restitution. More favorable outcomes for lesser charges might include probation, counseling, and community service.

Any sex offense can carry considerable social repercussions and have a negative impact on your life. Some crimes, such as child rape, which is usually referred to in Florida as lewd and lascivious battery, will impact the rest of your life even if you’re not guilty. Such high-profile cases tend to attract a great deal of media attention. An experienced lawyer can help control the media, clear your name, and restore your reputation.

It is Ryan’s job to find the truth and craft a defense that ends with a fair sentence if conviction is unavoidable—and a dismissal if you’re innocent of the crime you’re charged with. Our criminal defense law firm cares what happens to you. We will fight for your rights, no matter what the circumstances.