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Your criminal trial can be affected by any number of things that could happen throughout the entire process, from the time you are investigated and interviewed by police officers to your official arrest to your jury trial. In order to make sure that all of the proceedings throughout your case are handled with professionalism and propriety, according to the Florida laws regarding criminal charges and treatment, retain the services of Ryan N. Yadav, a Winter Springs criminal defense attorney with several years of experience in the local courtrooms and police offices.

Your Constitutional Rights

The state and federal constitutions guarantee a person’s right to privacy, as well as the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. In the course of a criminal investigation, this constitutional provision means that police officers and law enforcement officials must be sure to follow all proper procedures during their investigation, including obtaining warrants and securing evidence through legal means.

Your constitutional rights extend to a search of your person and your possessions. If a police officer stops you, he or she must have a lawful reason for doing so. Any attempt to search your person, pat you down, or look into your car or home must also be made with lawful reasoning, as these could contribute to criminal charges or an arrest.

If police officers are acting unlawfully, their conduct could be up for review, and a skillful Winter Springs criminal defense attorney can use this improper conduct to call into question the validity of any evidence they obtained during an unlawful search, seizure, or interrogation. Furthermore, anything that came about as a result of the unlawful conduct—for example, if an officer discovered an open container of alcohol in your vehicle during an illegal search, any charges stemming from that discovery could be questioned, lessened, or even dismissed altogether because the officer had no legal basis for checking your car.

A simple review of standard operating procedures for police stops and searches will help your Winter Springs criminal defense attorney determine whether your constitutional rights were violated, and what your best course of action will be. You have a right to be informed of a search and seizure, and usually, you must give your consent, unless a warrant has been presented. The officers who have detained you must read you your Miranda rights, which include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney—both of which you should exercise! If any part of the search is illegally, any statement you provide to police at that time may also be illegal, and could be stricken from your court case.

If you have been charged with criminal activity, or if the police have violated your constitutional rights in what you believe to be an illegal search and seizure, contact Ryan N. Yadav today to get working on your case. He will listen to your side of the story, examine the officers’ actions, and determine how best to proceed to keep your rights protected, and your record clean.

Ryan represents individuals in Winter Springs for some of the following offenses:

Winter Springs DUI
Winter Springs BUI
Drug Charges in Winter Springs
Marijuana and Pot Charges in Winter Springs
Gun and Weapon Charges in Winter Springs
Winter Springs Domestic Violence Battery and Assault
Juvenile Delinquency Offenses in Winter Springs, Florida

If you need a Winter Springs Criminal Defense Attorney for any of the above charges, an emergency bond hearing, violation of probation arrest or a sealing and expungement of your record Call Ryan any time.