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The City of Altamonte Springs, Florida, is one of the busiest in Seminole County. Thousands upon thousands of Central Floridians call Altamonte home. Altamonte Springs location allows for people to commute south to Orlando or throughout other areas of Seminole County. Individuals live in neighborhoods off State Road 436 including Lake Orienta and areas heading towards Maitland in Orange County. With the amount of people who work, live, and play in Altamonte Springs, large amounts of arrests inevitably occur. If you reside in Seminole County, undoubtedly you have heard an expression to the effect “don’t drink and drive in Altamonte”. Altamonte Springs cops are notorious for pulling people over on State Road 436. Altamonte Springs Police have notoriously preyed on individuals leaving the bars and restaurants in and around the Altamonte Mall and Uptown Altamonte. In fact, more DUI arrests occur in Altamonte than in any other town in Seminole County.

Unfortunately many individuals also find themselves arrested for crimes that occur in the Altamonte Mall, in particularly Petit Theft. If you have been charged with Petit Theft in Altamonte and have no criminal record you may qualify for Pre-Trial Diversion. Also, the State must prove that you with intent were attempting to permanently deprive the store of the alleged stolen merchandise. Often, innocent individuals are accused of the crime of petty theft daily, in Altamonte and elsewhere. Over zealous loss preventions officers many times create the crime of petty theft where a customer simply forget to put an item back or take it out of their cart etc…

If you are arrested, accused, or under investigation for a crime in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Contact Ryan N. Yadav, Altamonte Springs Defense Attorney.