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The City of Winter Springs is another thriving Seminole County suburb. Winter Springs is in the heart of Seminole County, just south of Lake Jessup, and is comprised mostly of families. Winter Springs has its own police force that is infamous for pulling people over around State Road 434 in Winter Springs. Every year January Winter Springs is home to the annual Scottish Highlands Games, in Central Winds Park, near Winter Springs High School and on the shores of Lake Jessup. Thousands of residents around Central Florida and the entire state come to Winter Springs to celebrate the Highlands Games. Lake Jessup that borders not only Winter Springs, but Sanford, Lake Mary, Longwood and Oviedo is home to one of the largest alligator populations per capita in Florida. If you are boating in Lake Jessup, Lake Monroe, or The St. John’s River through Seminole County be careful of gators; however, also be careful of Boating Under the Influence allegations. In, Florida it is not a crime to operate a boat while drinking alcohol; nonetheless, law enforcement agencies will give a boater great scrutiny if they find alcohol on board. Florida Fish and Wildlife is infamous in Seminole County for giving BUI’s, be careful while boating and know your rights.

Some Winter Springs residents find themselves accused of crimes like anywhere else in Central Florida. Winter Springs sees a high level of driving under the influence cases and domestic violence charges due to the large rate of young families in the area. Remember, a DUI or domestic violence allegations, is just that, an allegation. The State of Florida must prove beyond all reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. If you are arrested in Winter Springs, Florida and are in need of a lawyer, call Ryan, and allow him to make the State of Florida prove your charge beyond a reasonable doubt.