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If you, a friend, or loved one is accused of a crime in Casselberry, Ryan can help. Casselberry is centrally located in – Seminole County, thousands upon thousands of people pass through Casselberry daily on roads such as 17-92 and 436. The City of Casselberry was found in the 1920’s and at one time led the world in fern production. An area in the then southern portion of Casselberry still bears the name of the town’s, history, Fern Park. Due to the area’s centrality in regards to Seminole County, The Law Office of Ryan Yadav, was first located in Fern Park just across from the historic Jai Alai Fronton. Sadly, the State of Florida due to eminent domain proceedings forced us to sell the building; as a result, we relocated near the Criminal Justice Building, in Sanford. Casselberry is just not a pass through, more than 25,000 Seminole county residents call Casselberry home. Those 25,000 residents live in areas such as the Deer Run subdivision, the Casselberry Golf Course neighborhood and dozens of hamlets tucked in throughout. Casselberry does have its own police force who patrol the area with vigor. The area on 436 east of Red Bug Lake Road, is colloquially known as the DUI corridor, this is the stretch of road where Casselberry p.d. makes most of their arrests. Casselberry residents like people anywhere also find themselves subject to domestic violence arrests, and “soft” drug crimes such as possession of marijuana. Ryan can help if you have been arrested for the following crimes in or around Casselberry:

Casselberry DUI
Casselberry BUI
Casselberry Drug Charges (Felony and Misdemeanor)
Casselberry Marijuana and Cannabis Charges
Gun and Weapon Charges in Casselberry
Casselberry Domestic Violence Battery and Assault
Juvenile Delinquency Offenses in Casselberry, Florida
Violation of Probation (VOP) in Casselberry
Casselberry Bond Hearings

If you are interested in hiring a Seminole County Criminal Defense Attorney, call Ryan, Casselberry DUI Lawyer, Casselberry Drug Crime Lawyer and Casselberry Domestic Violence Lawyer.