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Being charged of a crime in Winter Park can be a tragic event in your life, especially when you don’t know the severity of the charges you face or what’s going to happen in the near future. Your stress levels can rise dramatically, causing lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression. Hiring a Winter Park criminal defense attorney to represent you will help set your mind at ease. You can rely on a lawyer’s knowledge and experience for the information you need to get through this traumatic time in your life.

When you’re charged with any crime, the prosecution’s job is to offer you a deal or take the case to trial, resulting in probation, a diversion program, jail time, fines, or other sanctions. Typically, you will be offered a plea agreement to avoid work and the expenditure of tax dollars. Without an aggressive lawyer by your side, it’s easy to be tempted—or intimidated—to take an unreasonable deal, even if you’re not guilty.

Hiring a Winter Park criminal defense attorney to speak on your behalf in the courtroom is the first step to ensure the best possible outcome of your unique legal situation. It’s your decision to either accept a plea or take your case to trial. Whichever you decide, your lawyer will work hard to uncover the truth of what happened and explore all possible defenses to your unique accusation.

The state attorney will try to prove criminal cases including drug crimes and DUI using both direct evidence, such as witness testimony, and circumstantial evidence, such as fingerprints, that place you at the scene of the crime. Ryan, a Winter Park criminal attorney, will speak with every witness to seek facts and ask the right questions, investigate the arrest thoroughly, and examine all evidence. Witnesses will be investigated to be sure their testimony is not mistaken or malicious.

Winter Park police can make mistakes and misinterpret evidence. Ryan is an aggressive attorney who will interpret the evidence and present a favorable defense based on the truth. Armed with comprehensive knowledge of the law and all the evidence, he will negotiate a reasonable plea or diversion agreement, take the case to trial, or even get the get the charges dropped in total.

Hiring a private attorney means you get their full dedication directly to your personal situation. You won’t be one of hundreds of cases, earning only a few minutes of their time. Your lawyer’s main focus is to present you with the best possible outcome in your case. Ensuring your satisfaction, protecting your freedom, and protecting you against unfair plea agreements is all part of your lawyer’s job.

Let Ryan stand up for your rights and handle all the details of your case. Having a knowledgeable attorney as an ally will take your load of stress away. Ryan is proficient with his work and is highly experienced in the field of criminal law. We’ll fight for justice in your case.